Group plans are annual Premium subscriptions for groups of 3-50 users. For larger groups, please contact us.

Every member of the group gets their own individual Premium account, and the subscription account details are managed by the user who created the account.

The entire purchase is processed as one payment each year, and you can cancel at any time. Additional members are added to the group plan by email (members can be existing members of Brilliant or not, but they can't have an existing Premium account). You can remove people from the plan at any time, and add additional members up to the number of purchased seats. At this time, we don't support adding additional members to a full group plan after the subscription has started.

You can manage the details of your group plan on the subscription settings page:

Can I get a group plan for my school or class?

We don't currently have a classroom version of Brilliant, but it is something we're working on, and hope to make available soon. In the meantime, if you're interested in purchasing a group plan for your class, please reach out to us at, as we have a subscription program specifically intended for schools.

What if I'm already a Premium member?

Existing Premium members can purchase group plans, and we'll prorate your group plan accordingly. However, group members cannot have existing Premium accounts - they must either be free Brilliant users or not have a Brilliant account at all yet.

What if I want to add more group members later?

Unfortunately, we don't currently support adding more members to an existing group.

Do you offer monthly or lifetime group plans?

No, we only offer annual group plans at this time.

What are the prices?

You can view prices here:

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