We’re always trying to make Brilliant a better and more engaging place to learn, and while the Problems of the Week have been a big part of that in the past, we felt we could do better. In that interest, we’ve decided to introduce new, daily problems, which will consist of one math/logic problem, as well as one science/engineering problem every day. From here on out, these will be the problems we’ll be updating and notifying you about, rather than the Problems of the Week.

Are you going to get rid of the old Problems of the Week?

No, not entirely. While we won’t be updating them anymore, we have created an archive of all the old problems, which is accessible through the Community page. This way, you’ll still be able to go back and revisit these questions in the future.

I really like the weekly problems, is there a chance you’re going to bring them back?

We’re not planning to bring back the problems of the week at any point, but when we make big changes like this we’re always interested to hear what our community thinks. If you’d like to give us some feedback on this change, please feel to reach out to us at support@brilliant.org. We might not be able to respond to every message, but we’ll make sure your voice gets added to our internal discussion on this subject. 

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