As is stated in our terms of use, it's not our policy to grant any refunds. That said, we do make exceptions to this from time to time, but if you're unsure about purchasing an annual subscription, it probably makes the most sense to try the free trial, or even a monthly subscription first. Generally, exceptions are made based on account usage and the date of the charge.

If you'd like to request an exception, you can do so through your subscription settings page. When you cancel your subscription, you should be given the option to submit a refund request. If you are seeing "Renewal Processing", this means the ability to request a refund has not yet appeared. We are not able to refund a charge that has not yet processed. As soon as the charge has processed and you've canceled the subscription, simply return to your subscription settings page to request the refund from there. These will be reviewed as received, and you should get a response from a member of our support team within 2 business days, if not sooner.

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