What are Leagues?

Leagues allows you to compete with other Brilliant users on a weekly leaderboard. You earn XP by learning on Brilliant and face off against others to try to take the top spot on your leaderboard. You can participate in a fun, friendly competition with other learners and reach your learning goals at the same time!

How does it work?

Each week you earn points for completing lessons or Daily Challenges. After completing your first lesson or Daily Challenge for the week, you are entered into a league to compete against 30 other learners to see who can earn the most experience points (XP).

You are ranked against other learners in a Leaderboard accessible from the Brilliant homepage or the Leagues tab of your mobile app. At the end of the week, the top performers move up to the next league, while those with the lowest scores either remain in the same league or fall back to the previous one.

What can I do to earn XP?

We anticipate adding more opportunities to earn points in the future! At the moment, you can earn points for the following activities:

  • Completing a lesson and answering at least half of the questions correctly for 75 XP.

    • +5 XP bonus if you answer more than half the questions correctly the first time you take the lesson

    • +30 XP if it’s your first lesson ever as part of Leagues

    • bonus XP based on the level of difficulty of the lesson

  • Complete a Daily Challenge correctly for 45 XP.

    • +1 XP depending on level of difficulty (1-5 XP)

Is there a maximum amount of points I can earn in a day?

  • Lessons: You can complete as many lessons in a day as you’d like to keep earning XP!

  • Daily Challenges: You can only earn XP once per day for the Daily Challenges. You can complete as many Daily Challenges you’d like, but you only get points for the first one you answer correctly.

How many levels are there?

We currently have 10 league levels.

When does the League week start and end?

  • The league week starts on Sunday at 8pm PST/2am UTC.

  • You can join a league up until 12 hours before the league week ends, so earn your first XP before Sunday at 8am PT and you will be part of a leaderboard.

  • If you complete a lesson or Daily Challenge between Sunday 8AM and 8PM PST and you aren’t already in a league, you do not earn any XP. If you want to join the next league week, you will need to complete a lesson or a Daily Challenge after Sunday 8pm PST.

How do I move between league levels?

  • You move between league levels depending on your ranking and which level you’re currently in.

    • For the first 5 levels (Hydrogen, Lithium, Carbon, Neon, Titanium)

      • Top 15 users are promoted

      • Middle 10 users stay in their level

      • Bottom 5 users return to previous level

    • For the 6th and 7th levels (Xenon, Barium)

      • Top 10 users are promoted

      • Middle 15 users stay in their level

      • Bottom 5 users return to previous level

    • For the 8th-10th levels (Neodymium, Tungsten, Einsteinium)

      • Top 5 users are promoted

      • Middle 20 users stay in their level

      • Bottom 5 users return to previous level

  • If you do not participate in a given league week due to inactivity, you will not get promoted or demoted. You will remain in the same level until you participate again.

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