What’s happening and when?

We will stop supporting offline mode on our mobile apps to focus on providing a more consistent, holistically better user experience on mobile.

Starting November 16, 2022, users will no longer be able to download courses to use while offline. At that point in time, any courses that are already downloaded will remain available until they expire.

Why is offline mode going away?

We are a small team of mobile engineers. The overall usage of the offline mode feature is quite low and maintaining it requires a disproportionate amount of our mobile engineering time.

This limits our team’s ability to focus on app stability, more in-demand features, and improvements that we know our mobile users are keen to see implemented.

How will this affect my course progress?

Lesson progress will not be lost. Any progress that you’ve made on lessons while on offline mode will be synced to your account.

What’s the impact of this decision? We know some of you avidly use and love offline mode, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and disruption that removing this feature will cause you. However, we remain optimistic that the performance improvements we will implement in the future will make for a much more reliable mobile experience that doesn’t depend on strong network connection. We also hope that by removing this feature, we are able to ship more features that more of you will love!

Have additional questions?

Email us at support@brilliant.org

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