Your stats page can be found through the main menu, and includes a number of different elements. Here's a quick intro to how each of them works!


Your streak is displayed at the top of your stats page, and keeps a track of the number of consecutive days you've been solving problems on Brilliant. Only correct answers count towards your streak, so if you don't get the first question of the day right, make sure to go into either the community or a course, and try a few more.

If you're worried you might miss a day, don't be! If you haven't solved a problem early in the day, we'll send you an email reminder, with a link to the latest daily problem. If you'd like to disable this, you can do so through your notification settings, here.


The course section simply displays your progress through all our courses. Here, you can see what courses you've already completed, have made some progress on, or haven't started yet. If you'd like, you can click any of the progress bars here to go to that course's home page and jump back into it.

Problems Tried

This section shows all the problems you've attempted in the last year, broken down by date. The darker the tile, the more problems you completed that day.

You can click any tile to see a full list of the problems you attempted that day, as well as how many points you gained or lost from each one, and how your overall rating changed as a result. If you'd like to retry a problem, just click it to be brought back to that question. Retrying a question, however, will not change your original score on it.

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