If you're working on a problem and find a mistake or a bug, or feel that things aren't stated clearly, you can file a report which will go to the relevant expert for your issue  (e.g. a mathematician, a scientist, the product team, etc.)

The approach depends on whether you're accessing Brilliant by browser or through our mobile apps.


In the browser, you can find the problem menu by clicking the three dots underneath the answer form and selecting "Report problem", as below:

This will bring up a dialog box where you can indicate the nature of the issue:

After clicking submit, a text field will appear where you can type your dispute in detail:

Note: if you select "I don't know what the definition of a term is" or "The math symbols aren't rendering properly", you won't be asked to enter additional information.


On the mobile apps, the process is similar. When viewing a problem, find the familiar three-dot icon for the menu in the top right corner:

Click it and select "Report":

From there on, the process mirrors the browser instructions.

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