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When you reach out to us, there are a few pieces of info that will help us resolve your query faster, depending on what it is.

I want a refund

It's not our policy to offer refunds, but we do offer exceptions in certain cases. That said, contacting support directly isn't always the fastest way to make this request. Please see our refund article for more information on requesting a refund.

My account or subscription has gone missing

If you're having trouble accessing your account, or your subscription has disappeared, we can probably find everything you'll need using your payment info. If you paid by PayPal or through the Play Store, that would be the transaction Id that came with your purchase. If you purchased your subscription with a card, the last four digits of the card you used, the date of the payment, and the amount you were charged would help us figure out where your subscription or account has gone.

I don't know why I was charged

If you've been charged by us and you're not sure why, it was probably the result of an old subscription, trial rollover into an annual plan, or a gift that rolled over. If you send us the last 4 digits of the card that was charged, as well as the date of the transaction and the amount you were billed, we should be able to find your payment and reason for the charge.

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